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OAK’s collaborative efforts with Socialyte produced outstanding results for Fashionism.
OAK increased sign ups for Fashionism’s online shopping service by 8k monthly and grew the ambassador program
Introduced and fostered partnerships with top influencers such as, Lauren Cosenza from Divalicious & Susanne Jonsson from Croptopia. 
Expanded Fashionism’s demographic to included the younger customer base they were after
Increased overall sales

PR Strategy: OAK successfully received press mentions for Fashionism with top publications, WWD, Times Square, Internet Retailer, StyleBistro, She Finds and Divalicious

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OAK pulled images of high profile celebrities, such as Maisie Williams, wearing turkish jewelry for GBJ social campaign. These images increased conversation with a younger demographic and drove up impressions.

63% increase in social engagement occurred in the first week following the initial live campaign, with continual gains in engagement seen over the next 2 months.

Facebook’s engagement increased by over 80% due to the new strategy and calendars laid out by OAK, driving customers to GBJ site and accounting for 19% of sales over the following 6 month period 

Followers increased by over 20 K within the first two months of OAK’s takeover and now exceeds 125 K international followers. 

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Our Organic Social Services include:

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