As the makers of traditional Turkish jewellery and handicrafts, Grand Bazaar manufactures its items from their rich sense of history and experience. Through their excellent craftsmanship and rich lineage of Masters, Grand Bazaar Jewelers has carved a name for themselves among history within the field of jewellery. Since the Grand Bazaars inception in Istanbul, Turkey beginning in 1455 and to this day Grand Bazaar Jewelers has been The Jewelers to a Dynasty.

Grand Bazaar Jewelers goals


Grand Bazaar Jewelers was interested in developing a strong social media presence in order to increase sales, solidify their brand’s identity and expand their reach.

The Approach


OAK’s social media and marketing teams worked with GBJ to identify the best platform for their companies demographic.

In deciding to build their social media presence with Facebook, OAK presented GBJ with a revamped social media calendar outlining  the company's initial social media campaigns.

OAK utilized a celebrity driven campaign, which integrated high profile celebrities into GBJ social media. After working with the client to choose which strategies met their goals, OAK delivered posting style guides & calendars for approval.



OAK pulled images of high profile celebrities, such as Maisie Williams, wearing turkish jewelry for GBJ social campaign. These images increased conversation with a younger demographic and drove up impressions.

Facebook’s engagement increased by over 80% due to OAK’s social campaigns and management, driving customers to GBJ site and accounting for 92% of sales occurring within a 4-week period.

63% of the social engagement occurred in the first week following the initial live campaign, with continual engagement seen in the following three weeks.

Followers increased by over 20 K within the first two months of OAK’s takeover and now exceeds 125 K international followers.

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